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The Yield Lab

Asia Pacific

Launched in November 2019, The Yield Lab Asia Pacific, based in Singapore, is the latest expansion of the global The Yield Lab branded fund. Structured as both a fund and accelerator, this fund will focus on driving Agtech innovation across the entire Asia Pacific region in a) Crop Production/Protection; b) Food Ingredients; c) Precision Agriculture; d) Supply Chain and Logistics; e) Animal Health and Nutrition and f) Agriculture Sustainability. .


The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Fund invests in two ways: 1) Funds are deployed to make investments in Series A opportunities; 2) Funds are deployed to operate The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Accelerator.


Series A investments are made into more established startups who are focused on scaling their business regionally and this includes investing in accelerator graduates who fit the Series A investment thesis. As an Enterprise Singapore, SEEDS Capital co-funding partner, The Yield Lab Asia Pacific is able to activate SEEDS Capital matching funds for a larger investment in pre-qualified companies.


The accelerator will invest US$100,000 into seed stage companies that revolutionize agricultural and food systems to sustainably provide for the world. These startups take part in tailored accelerator programming and receive one on one mentorship and access to The Yield Lab's global network of agricultural business, scientists, farmers, and investors. Programming operates on an annual cohort basis, and is customized to each cohort of companies and include topics fundamental to startups like customers, collaborations, and capital. Each company will be assigned a dedicated The Yield Lab Managing Partner to guide them through the course of programming and individualized one on one mentoring throughout the 12 months. Additionally, The Yield Lab has an extensive affinity network extending across the world to help each portfolio to expand its footprint across the region.

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