Our Company

Our Story

The Yield Lab was founded in September 2014 to sustainably increase the global food supply and reduce inputs to agricultural production and distribution.  The Yield Lab stemmed from the need for tailored resources to enable agriculture technology entrepreneurship. Today, the Yield Lab continues to accelerate innovative companies that are working to revolutionize agrifood systems to more sustainably provide for the world.


The Yield Lab invests in critical areas, including:

  • Crop Production/Protection
  • Animal Health, Nutrition and Wellness
  • CleanTech and Sustainables
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Food Ingredients
  • Precision Agriculture, Data and Information Technology


The Yield Lab is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and currently operates 2 accelerator programs – The Yield Lab St. Louis and the Yield Lab Europe.


To revolutionize agrifood systems in order to more better sustain the word.


Yield Lab Funding


Our accelerator programs provide equity investment to help accelerate business growth.

Yield Lab Mentoring


We sow the seeds to create an invaluable relationship with a mentor who has a long history of success in the agriculture industry.

Global Networking

Our global network provides beachheads to new markets as your company grows.

North America

Rooted in St. Louis, you are surrounded by agriculture through, farmers, agribusiness, and the latest research in biotechnology.


Based in Galway, Ireland, you have access to the stakeholders in the countries’ strong agricultural economy surrounded by a supportive tech entrepreneurship ecosystem.


No one better understands the need for innovation on the farm than the producers. We include these stakeholders in our programming and connect individual portfolio companies with relevant growers.