"The Yield Lab, the St. Louis-based agtech accelerator that launched in 2014, is seeing more competition from some of the world’s largest companies. To date, Yield Lab has invested just more than $1.1 million into 11 early-stage agtech companies from around the world. Those companies get $100,000 in exchange for an equity stake and a network in St. Louis that Yield Lab officials boast as unparalleled." Read...

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People can be affected by birth and birth traumas effectively into adulthood, and even because of their whole lives. Several psychological and mental troubles, and dysfunctional habits and traits may be followed back to early youth and birth. In a trance we are generally for that first few years of our lives. We’ve no mind that is discerning. Precisely what occurs, to us and around us, is downloaded into our subconscious mind.